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Seed Round

Ends January 31, 2024

Creating One America Through Homeownership 

Committed to Helping Underserved Communities Build Wealth 



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Virtual Pitch Deck

Virtual Pitch Deck

I HAVE A DREAM HOME's mission is to provide mortgages to individuals and families living in urban and rural communities across America.  We intend to expand the financial market and increase the homeownership rate using its proprietary mortgage lending platform.

According to Freddie Mac 2023 statistics there are over 13 million mortgage ready homebuyers going underserved in urban and rural communities across America. Unfortunately, these communities have limited or no access to capital. Therefore, people living in these communities have been unable to achieve the American dream of homeownership.

Despite fair lending laws, people living in low-income communities have been disproportionately denied access to affordable home loans. Discrimination and bias continue to plague the mortgage industry. The big banks have exited the mortgage business and low-income communities in favor of higher yield investments.

I HAVE A DREAM HOME aim is to rectify this through our proprietary mortgage platform and technology-enabled lending process. We will offer mortgage opportunities to qualified borrowers that have been underserved.

Freddie Mac statistics show that there is a significant opportunity to increase homeownership rates in urban and rural America which will help stabilize these communities.

Business Description

Total Addressable Market is $312 Billion


We have established there are over 13 million Mortgage Ready Homebuyers (MRHBs) going underserved in urban and rural communities across America. I HAVE A DREAM HOME goal is to gain a ten percent (10%) market share of the Total Addressable Market (TAM).

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) reported that the Median Household Income (MHI) of first-time homebuyers is $80,000, and the Median Home Price Purchased (MHPP) is $240,000.

The Urban Institute (UI) reported nearly 20 million renter-households in America have the credit and income to qualify for a mortgage loan but haven't purchased a home yet. These potential homebuyers are concentrated in urban and rural areas, representing another significant opportunity.

By eliminating discrimination and bias and other barriers imposed by traditional banks and lending institutions, I HAVE A DREAM HOME methodology will meet the needs of these citizens living in America’s underserved communities.

Addressable Market.png
house-isolated-field (1).jpg

Problem 1: Homeownership – Access to Credit

The wealth gap continues to grow; although homeownership is the single greatest asset for many individuals and families today, access to homebuying capital remains a key front-line issue.

A large mortgage-ready population remains underserved by financial institutions. These underserved communities represent both the future of this country and a major business opportunity; therefore, to ensure the American Dream of homeownership remains within reach, an unbiased pathway must exist for all qualified homebuyers.

Problem 2: 

America's Problem – Racial Inequality

In September 2020, Citigroup released a GPS report that states racial inequality has led to $16 trillion dollars in lost GDP over the last 20 years. Report authors prognosticate that if racial inequity gaps were closed today, the equivalent add to the U.S. economy over the next five years could be $5 trillion of additional GDP.


Raymond J. McGuire, former Vice Chairman of Citigroup stated: “Racial inequality has always had an outsized cost, one that was thought to be paid only by underrepresented groups. What this report underscores is that this tariff is levied on us all, and particularly in the U.S., that cost has a real and tangible impact on our country’s economic output. Now, more than ever, we have a responsibility and an opportunity to confront longstanding societal ills, tally up the economic loss, and as a society, commit to bringing greater equity and prosperity to all.


Solution 1:  Homeownership - Access to Credit

Underserved communities represent a missed opportunity for lenders. I HAVE A DREAM HOME has emerged to help those communities waiting in distress for a life-sustaining solution centered around homeownership. Servicing these communities, it could add $1.5 trillion to the GDP annually.  We intend to tap into the potential of those communities using our proprietary mortgage lending platform.


We intend to work closely with banks and Government Sponsored Enterprises (GSEs) to help them achieve their Community Reinvestment Act goals and their responsibilities under the Duty to Serve (DTS) rules. Most importantly, we seek to unlock credit access for these underserved communities which will allow the communities to prosper and grow. It will also allow families and individuals living in those communities to achieve the American dream of homeownership and begin the process of building generational wealth.​​


Solution 2:  Building a Bridge to the Future

I HAVE A DREAM HOME agrees with Raymond J. McGuire and Citigroup, that it's time for all of us to tally up the economic loss and commit to bringing greater equity to those communities waiting in distress. 


We see ourselves as a catalyst for change and a bridge to the future of homeownership, community renewal, and job creation, in those underserved communities across America.

Go To Market Strategy

Our target market is low-moderate income, first-time, minority, and urban/rural homebuyers, we will focus geographically on diverse urban centers, high-minority cities, and rural counties nationwide. Our product mix includes conventional low-down payment mortgages, first-time buyer programs, and down payment assistance.

Messaging will emphasize customized lending, achievable homeownership, guiding customers through the process, understanding unique situations, and helping underserved communities build financial security.

Strategies involve community partnerships, local advertising, workshops, canvassing, small business outreach, and tailored digital social media marketing. Tactics feature optimized digital campaigns, resonant branding, referral incentives, mortgage processor partners, engaging content, sponsored events, social media influencers, religious organizations, fraternities, sororities, and email nurturing.

This integrated outreach combines grassroots networking with data-driven digital targeting. High-touch local connections and high-tech optimizations will engage the underserved homebuying community across traditional and modern channels.


Our comprehensive approach will promote our mission of expanding access and financial security through affordable homeownership. We will also implement digital marketing campaigns optimized through rigorous A/B/n testing. Factorial experiments reveal 9,600 qualified leads monthly at a 0.5% CTR converting at 1% is optimal.

Our #1 customer acquisition strategy is establishing referral partnerships with influential organizations, including but not limited to religious organizations, fraternities, and sororities. Our econometric models show this yields the highest ROI. We will offer a calibrated incentive structure to achieve 1.5-2x which is above the typical 0.3-1% conversion rate. To expand exposure, we will have dedicated staff attend key community events.

Competitive Analysis

In the shifting landscape of mortgage lending, the departure of major national lenders has created a gap in the marketplace that remains underserved by smaller players. Our startup mortgage company is uniquely positioned to address this gap and effectively serve the underserved communities in urban and rural America.

We aim to leverage technology, provide faster approvals and closings, build strong relationships, and become a trusted partner in our target communities. By offering competitive rates and fee structures through lower overhead and employing innovative marketing strategies, we can cater to the specific needs of our customers.

We are resolute in our mission to dismantle the discriminatory and biased lending practices that have unjustly left 13 million mortgage-ready homebuyers underserved. We value low to moderate income earners as hardworking partners, recognizing their immense potential. In 2020, the Homeownership Council of America issued a report highlighting the vast untapped loan volume potential within the underserved communities. The total Market Value (TMV) of underserved mortgage-ready homebuyers stands at an impressive $3.12 trillion. Our ambition is to secure a 10% market share within 10 years equating to $312 billion.

We have tailored our products and services specifically to serve these underserved homebuyers, appealing to those who seek convenient, and user-friendly mortgage solutions. In every phase of this endeavor, we champion accessibility and equality in homeownership.

Become an Investor

We are seeking a $5 million seed round investment to support the startup phase of our business.  The Minimum Investment is $10.00. I HAVE A DREAM HOME is seeking to raise $5,000,000 in this seed round. The Current Selling Price is $1.00 Per Share of Class A Common Stock.​

Investment Incentive Bonuses​


Note:  Bonus shares are all calculated once the offering is completely closed. This benefits investors by allowing them to make multiple investments over time and accumulate investment/bonus totals.


Financial Analysis

This funding will be instrumental in launching operations, investing in our proprietary tech platform, recruiting, and retaining talent, building brand recognition, and commencing lending activities. With this capital injection, we aim to generate both social impact and profitability, with a prudent two-year window for reaching sustainable financial success.

Year 1 Financial Analysis:
In Year 1, we anticipate a robust start with 432 loans, ranging from $150,000 to $300,000, or an average of $225,000. The initial three months are strategically dedicated to staff recruitment, system development, state registrations, and lead generation. Progressively, we envision an upswing in operational efficiency and loan closures throughout the year.


Year 1 Staffing:
Our exceptional team, vital for the success of our operation, comprises of a CEO, COO, underwritier, marketing representative, senior office staff member, and an Information Technology specialist.


Year 1 Revenue Projections:
We forecast the closure of 432 loans (0 in months 1-3, and 48 each month thereafter), amounting to $97,200,000 in revenue. This sets the stage for refining our financial projections as we gear up for scaling our operations in the upcoming years.


Our Vision:
Disrupt the mortgage lending industry by providing access to capital in underserved communities across America. The lack of access to capital limits financial choices and opportunities for American families. Our goal is to level the playing field. We plan to demonstrate that social consciousness, in for profit business, is not just a good idea, but good for business.


In Conclusion:
Our company is more than a startup; we are agents of change in the mortgage industry. With innovative technology, a dedicated team, and a clear roadmap, we are ready to serve the underserved communities of America, deliver financial returns to our investors, and expand homeownership access to deserving families.

The Management Team


Rev. Duane A. Quamina

Senior Manager, President, and CEO

Rev. Duane A. Quamina is a practitioner and student of the 1960s nonviolence movement. He worked under the tutelage of his adopted father the late Rev. James Luther Bevel, who was director of direct action and nonviolent education for SCLC under the leadership of the late Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. He is an innovative business professional with over 35+ years of experience. At Northeast Capital Fund he has helped to close $100MM in loans.


Ms. Burena Morris, MBA

Senior Manager, Chief Operations Officer

Holding multiple degrees, Ms. Morris is a distinguished scholar and accomplished serial entrepreneur with an incredible business acumen and proven success in operations and policy management. Known as Superwoman in the corporate world, Ms. Bree is well-versed and seasoned in various industries including, investments and banking, fintech, construction, real estate, entertainment, telecommunications, retail, and the cannabis industry.

JaJuan Williams, CFO.jpeg

Mrs. JaJuan Williams, CPA, MBA
Chief Financial Officer

Self-motivated and results-driven to succeed, Mrs. JaJuan Williams, BA, CPA, MBA, AICPA is a seasoned professional who has constantly set her goals to keep pace with her highest aspirations for personal excellence. Throughout her career, she has exhibited exemplary teamwork, expertise, integrity, and dedication. With more than 18 years of work in the financial services field, Mrs. Williams is a Certified Public Accountant and Forensic accountant who started her career in corporate accounting as a Senior Regional Accountant in higher education accounting. She founded McClain, Harris & Associates in 2007; the full-service accounting firm was rebranded to CFO Benefits Inc., in 2014. In her role as Chief Executive Officer of the accounting firm, she manages and motivates a team of finance professionals who provide expert tax, payroll, and accounting services for a vast array of clients, specializing in Start-Ups, SaaS companies, eCommerce, and Non-Profits to name a few. Mrs. Williams specializes in internal controls, forensics, audit and audit assistance, and strategic and operational growth. She works tirelessly with business owners to implement solid solutions that help them succeed financially. Her skills and expertise include reviewing financials, developing corporate management strategies, fulfilling grant requests for nonprofits, preparing financial presentations for investors, identifying cost savings and areas of improvement, managing accounts receivables and payables, and auditing bank statements. In addition to her responsibilities as Chief Financial Officer for Assetcoin Capital Fund, Mrs. Williams also serves on the Board of Directors. Mrs. Williams is also President and founder of The Lady CPA Network a non-profit organization aiding in the advancement of African American women in the accounting and finance profession. The goal of TLCPA is to provide a network and platform for African American women in accounting and finance as a support system and collaborative body of professionals; to offer scholarships, mentorship, internships, entrepreneurial assistance, guidance, and opportunities for women who aspire to be in the profession, as well as educational support and continuing education. TLCPA's goal is to increase the visibility of African American women at the executive and partner level within the accounting and finance profession.


Mr. Allen Redic, MBA

Senior Manager, VP of Construction and Evaluation

Allen Redic has earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, and he also carries an MBA specializing in Human Resource Management. Mr. Redic is responsible for managing the residential and commercial real estate construction, development, and renovation operations. He will manage the contractors and worksites to assure the timely completion of all projects. In addition, he will be responsible for quality control of all projects. Allen is a proven construction industry professional with more than 25 years of construction experience. He has been a key member of every organization of which he has belonged bringing “Hands-On” construction expertise as well as leadership ability. Allen has held the following positions throughout his construction career, Carpenter, Carpenter Foreman, Field Superintendent, Estimator, and Project Manager, which attributes to his well-rounded construction experience. In the managerial phase of his construction career, he was responsible for projects ranging from 100K to 100M, successful in these critical roles he was driven by his ability to create realistic project budgets, develop achievable construction schedules, scrutinize competitive estimates, procure cost-effective materials as well as develop and manage skilled workforces while directing the efforts of his back-office personnel. Allen’s stellar reputation in the construction industry was achieved by successfully leading progressively demanding projects, including, but not limited to high-rise commercial buildings, college dormitories, retail shopping malls, and residential housing developments. His professional construction reputation is built on paying close attention to details and ensuring projected completion targets are achieved promptly with quality workmanship and within budget. Mr. Redic also serves as Treasurer on the Board of Directors.

Advisory Council


Mr. Wayne King

Mr. King is a retiree from the Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority for the City of Philadelphia. He has held numerous positions from 2000 until 2014 including the Director of Housing Construction (2000-2004), Director of the Department of Design and Construction (2004-2010), and the Director of Construction Maintenance Department (2010-2014). Mr. King has over 34 years of experience in various government housing; including, housing construction, community development departments, and quasi-government agencies. In addition, he has managed, monitored, and closed over $600 million in development for the Philadelphia Housing Development Corporation, the City of Philadelphia OHCD, and the Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority. Mr. King's management skills included project plan review, project team coordination, RFP issuance for professional services, and oversight of professional service contracts. He has extended experience with environmental actions including Phase I & II, tank removal, asbestos remediation RFP/ contracts, and PADEP coordination. Mr. King managed the departments of site improvement, housing construction, 1% Art, special projects, Maintenance, office facilities, and the environmental unit. Mr. King attended Macalester College and is presently a member of the Utility Resources and Infrastructure Group in Philadelphia, PA. He continues to volunteer in the Philadelphia community on several projects including but not limited to the Strawberry Mansion Community Development Corporation Board of Directors, a member of the East Park Coalition of Strawberry Mansion, The Discovery Center Community Engagement Board, the West Parkside Sports & Education Group Steering Committee and the Sultan Jihad Ahmad Community Foundation. He is also a member of St. Martin De Porres Catholic Church and sits on it Finance Committee.

Rhonda Coleman 2021_edited.jpg

Ms. Rhonda Coleman, Esq.

​Rhonda S. Coleman, Esquire has earned several degrees: an undergraduate degree in English from Christian Brothers University, a Master of Arts from the University of Memphis, and her Juris Doctor (JD) from Loyola University of Chicago where she was admitted to the bar in 2013. Ms. Coleman has also studied at the University of Beijing’s School of Business and Economics and at the University of Granada in Spain. As a distinguished attorney, Rhonda Coleman concentrates her practice on contracts and deal negotiations across industries; particularly technology, food, sports & entertainment, manufacturing, insurance, and consumer products. Previously serving on the Transactions Contracting team of Accenture, Ms. Coleman has experience negotiating high-stakes multi-million-dollar deals with large corporations. In addition, serves as outside general counsel to Moon Meals - a startup food company that was affiliated with the Polsky Institute of University of Chicago in its early days. She currently mentors tech entrepreneurs at Polsky. Having consulted for the St. Louis Chess Club; (the world’s premier chess club), she also managed international professional chess player and world championship challenger Fabiano Caruana. As a loving wife and proud mother of three teenagers, Rhonda, and her husband reside in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago where she enjoys films, literature, music, cooking, and traveling. As a board member, Ms. Coleman serves on the board of directors of several non-profits; including, the Menomonee Boys and Girls Club of Chicago and the Chicago Chess Foundation. She formerly co-chaired the corporate counsel committee of Black Women Lawyer’s Association in Chicago.


Mr. Gregory "Bo" Kimble

Mr. Gregory “Bo” Kimble has a Degree in Communications from Loyola Marymount University. Mr. Kimble has been a well-known NBA player and was a lottery pick for the Los Angeles Clippers and New York Knicks. After Mr. Kimble retired from the NBA he served as a board member for the retired NBA Players Association.


Rev. Shabree Crisdon, MBA

Rev. Shabree Crisdon has earned several degrees: an undergraduate degree in Studio Arts, and Art Technology with a minor in Psychology from Rutgers University College of Arts and Science. Rev. Crisdon also earned her M.S. degree in Arts Administration from Drexel University College of Design Arts. In addition, has earned multiple certifications; Educational Leadership Supervisor from New Jersey Excel Leadership Program, a Special Education Teacher of the Handicap Certification from Rowan University, and Expressive and Performing Arts Facilitator Certificate, Therapeutic Arts from Salve Regina University, an Art Certification Studio Arts & Art Technology from Rutgers University and a Certification of Training in Small Business Development from Rutgers University School of Business. As a distinguished educator, Rev. Shabree Crisdon prepares daily lectures, lessons, special activities, and other materials to accommodate individual learning skills. In addition, prepares periodic examinations and Individual Education Program (IEP) reports to measure scholastic knowledge and current skill abilities while helping students apply artistic processes and skills. Rev. Crisdon is an enthusiastic and personable communicator, skilled in delivering creative presentations and developing positive relationships with students and staff. In addition, has years of experience working with professionals from various backgrounds and interests. In addition to her responsibilities, Rev. Crisdon serves as a board member of Assetcoin.


Mr. Mark Anthony Cook

Mark Anthony Cook serves as the CEO of OpesONE, a global leader in high-performance Inter-Blockchain Communication software. The company helped publish the OPES blockchain protocol, called OPESChain. Since then, OpesONE has continued to develop and optimize the Global Financial Engine, cultivating decentralized autonomous communities, leading to more interaction, better ideas, and greater value. These are the organizations that will be the backbone of the OPES Ecosystem, drivers in creating its own new global economy. Prior to serving as CEO of OpesONE he built several successful companies. One residing in the state of his birth, Michigan. As one of nine children, he has always been part of a close-knit “team”. He believes education and knowledge are essential. He’s a graduate of Michigan State University and was appointed, by the Governor of New Jersey, to serve on the State Library Commission. Mark Anthony credits his success to a heavenly Father and parents who instilled honest Midwestern values, hard work ethic, and tenacity as building blocks for achievement. With over 20 years in the financial industry, he holds several financial designations including series 7, series 63, and series 24. According to Mark Anthony, experience, temperament, integrity and a willingness to work makes great leaders. He currently employs over 2,000 partners.


Ms. Tracey Johnson, MBA

Ms. Tracey Johnson, MBA, PMP, LPN, LSSBB, CSM has over 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry. She received her MBA from the University of Hertfordshire, United Kingdom. Tracey is also a Certified Project Manager and has over 10 years of experience in Project & Business Management, and Administrative and Document Processes, which includes Customer Success. Ms. Johnson is a business owner, entrepreneur, consultant, and designer. She is the CEO of Allied Technical Institute of Florida; an educational institution organized to promote and empower minority women in the study and employment of Healthcare and Technology Management. As a serial entrepreneur, Tracey has authored six books, is a published screenwriter and produced three indie films, and has designed and introduced 3 adult and family board games into the marketplace. In her free time, Tracey enjoys spending time with her family and close friends. She is the proud mother of 5 children and 2 grandchildren. Her favorite pastime is reading spiritual and educational literature. In addition to her above duties, Tracey serves as a board member of Assetcoin.

Business Partners

Business Partners

FINRA Broker-Dealer

Andes Capital Group, LLC

Contact:  Curtis L. Spears, President & CEO

Address: 205 West Wacker Drive, Suite 610
City/State/Zipcode:  Chicago, IL 60606 USA

Contact Number:  312-376-4500


Website:  HOME | andescap

SEC Transfer Agent

KoreTransfer USA

Contact:  Amanda Grange, Transfer Agent Specialist

Address:  1 World Trade Center, Suite 8500
City/State/Zipcode:  New York, NY 10007

Contact Number: 647-965-8268

Process Time: 1 - 2 weeks

Delivery Time: 1 - 2 weeks


Website:  KoreConX All-In-One Platform

Escrow Agent

Enterprise Bank & Trust

Contact:  Jermee Jones, Senior Vice President SBRM

Address:  12695 Metcalf Avenue

City/State/Zipcode:  Overland Park, KS 66213​

Contact Number:  913-234-6413



Insurance Provider


Program Administrator

World Trade Labs, Inc. d/b/a Assurely &

World Trade Labs, Inc. of Bermuda d/b/a Assurely of Bermuda

51 John F. Kennedy Parkway

First Floor West Short Hills, NJ 07078

Contact Number:  917-261-5624



Payment Solution Provider

SecureTranz LLC

Contact:  Lane Dorsey, Managing Member

Address: 6460 South Quebec Street
City/State/Zipcode:  Centennial, CO 80111

Contact Number: 888.304.2025


Website:  Home - SecureTranz

Crypto Payment Solution Provider

Alt 5 Sigma Inc.

Contact: Mark Edwards, Business Operations

Address: 477 Madison Avenue, 6th Floor

City/State/Zipcode: New York, NY 10022

Contact Number: 289-514-1853 Ext. 6893





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